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Cheryl is a wonderful Reiki healer.  She introduced me to a whole new therapy and a whole new way of thinking.  I hadn't experienced Reiki before and naturally I was sceptical, however, after my first healing I felt calm, free, open and was able to release a lot of stress and hurt that I was clearly harbouring.  During the process I had many different feelings...I felt physically pulled and pushed as energy was being removed and replaced and I saw many different shapes and colours.  In particular I saw a purple flickering wave behind my eyelids.  This turned out to be the violet flame.  I also cried when she reached my heart chakra....clearly an area I needed work on.

The combination of the Angelic Reiki with the vocal sounds made for a very successful therapy for me and one I would recommend to anyone suffering with emotional or physical stress or dis-ease.

Jo Loxton



This process was truly breathtaking, it has given me the chance to discover a deeper understanding of myself that has led to inner strength, healing and peace.




Being 100% honest, I'm probably one of the most sceptical people when it comes to higher beings and the spiritual realm.  Cheryl has single handedly convinced me that I have been proven wrong, as the results of our sessions together have been nothing short of incredible.  

Cheryl has the most wonderful ability of expressing her views and opinions of Reiki without being pushy or patronising and my word does she know her stuff.

As a practitioner of sports massage and Remedial Therapy and knowing the benefits of alternative therapies, I simply couldn't recommend Cheryl any higher.  She has helped me see the light in some very dark times indeed.  Thank you, thank you so much Cheryl.

Simon Shorton



Reiki for me is about finding my inner balance.  Cheryl is such a calm, warm and caring lady.  She always makes you feel relaxed.  I love the feeling Reiki brings me.  Cheryl has the amazing ability to wash away any insecurity about any negative feelings I may have.  She's great at cleansing any stresses or troubles.  A truly uplifting experience.

Nicola Rutherford



Angelic Reiki and sound healing was recommended to me during a particularly low and difficult time in my life.  I felt totally unable to cope day to day with my emotional problems and anxiety levels.  Cheryl's healing was such a wonderful experience for me during this time. As well as being an uplifting and emotionally enlightening experience, healing with Cheryl gave me the strength and awareness I needed to be able to cope with everything I had been struggling so much with.  I had no idea how much of a positive difference Reiki could make to one's emotional well being until I experienced Cheryl's healing, which I have recommended to many friends since, who have been going through a particularly tough time.

Thank you so much Cheryl.

Karen Oldman



I am the sort of person who can at times find certain situations pretty hard to handle.  Any time I have these moments, I find myself sitting with Cheryl in a totally relaxed and calm environment where she performs a gentle, warm and loving Reiki healing, taking me on a sometimes emotional, but always uplifting journey.  I can guarantee that when it's time to leave, life is always so much calmer and my overwhelming angst towards my problem has subsided, making it so much easier to deal with.

Elizabeth Ball



As I am normally such a "control freak", I was pleasantly surprised to find myself totally and utterly relaxed.  I have been having healings in Germany for some time now, but as a rule, I am still mentally doing "lists" in my head of all the fore coming chores!!  Cheryl was able to switch me off from mundane matters and although I felt tired directly afterwards, the following days my batteries were completely charged.  I had the feeling I had finally let go of some "unwanted baggage" I had been carrying around with me for years.  I strongly recommend you experience this for yourself and I promise you, Cheryl will bring you some "inner peace" and a sense of personal strength you never knew you had.

With regards,




Cheryl's Angelic Reiki and sound healing provides extraordinary alternative healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  My healings provided a strong, deep cleansing on all levels for me, which continued for days afterwards.  I felt as if through Cheryl, I was being connected to a far greater source which rid me of my negative energy, some of which was from long standing wounds that seemed very deep rooted.  This negative energy was replaced by, what felt like, a warm blanket of loving positive energy.

I strongly recommend to my friends who require healing on either a physical, emotional or spiritual level, to visit Cheryl for Angelic Reiki healing.  She also provides advice on how to understand your own energy, so that you understand what you are experiencing, as well as how to look after yourself.

Carmen Vass



I first heard about Angelic Reiki through friends that had been to see Cheryl.  They recommended that I had a healing session to help me through a difficult period.  I didn't know what to expect from the session.

Cheryl's healing session was completely overwhelming.  My feelings were very powerful, especially at one stage when emotions of the highest degree struck me.  From that moment on, I felt calmer, my mind more together.  Cheryl's description of what she experienced throughout described my journey 100%!  Even some of the visions I had in my head.  Afterwards I felt run down and tired, yet calmer.  Overall, the troubles I was having became easier to deal with and understand.  I highly recommend Cheryl's Angelic Reiki.

Neil Williams



My session with Cheryl was wonderful.  She has a warm and inviting home and makes you feel instantly welcome and at ease.  The sensations I felt during the healing varied and at times were very intense.  For me, they were heat and vibrations.  Although I felt calm, I was overwhelmed with emotions and couldn't stop the tears from flowing at the end of the session.  I came away feeling that I had let go of some of my emotional tensions.  I highly recommend Cheryl's healing hands and calm energy for restoring peace of mind.

J. Tate








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